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Long Room

The Longroom

Though it's not our largest room, it's sure as heck our most cozy. The longroom tucks far back into the sunny side of the house, with windows all along to let you stay cool.

For your stay in the longroom, you'll be far from the kitchen and the downstairs, and well insulated from noise. Even though Homebrews is all about getting to know your fellow travelers, we get it--sometimes you just wana be a mole. The longroom is the perfect place to retreat, without feeling isolated the minute you pop outside!


The Shortroom

Some folks need an acre to luxuriate in--but that's not you. You come to Homebrews to be out in the experience, not to hide away.

What the shortroom lacks in square footage, it makes up for in charm and location. Planted right in the heart of the house, the Shortroom is always just a door-opening away from some majorly interesting conversations. Folks who stay here should be ready to pop out and live in the city, or make the most of the social scene in the house. It's an ideal spot for those in the know about how to meet the coolest folks.

Other ROom

The Otherroom

We know it sounds like this was the afterthought of the house, but it's. . . look, it's other.

People who prefer a more eclectic vibe, and who want to get back to that feral youth, are going to dig the Other Room. This room is a celebration of all the differences among us, and is properly the most balanced of our offerings. Right at the top of the hallway stairs, the Other Room is perfectly positioned for a little quiet, but it's also just a short stroll down the steps from the action. Love it for the vibe or for the locality, but you're sure to fall for it hard.

Cozy Corners

Cozy Couch

Slip on In

Travelers looking to crash, but not looking for the luxury of a full-scale room, can find respite in the cozy corners of our home. For a very nominal fee, couches, armchairs, and even the common floors can be rented for the night. Sheets, mats, and towels are on you--but you'll be welcome in these four walls on even the shortest notice.

Caveats come with cozy corners. Floor and couch space in the common areas needs to be useable in operating hours, so some spaces may require an early wakeup or a late night. Additionally, kitchen time can only be provided one hour before and after regular hours. There's a few other notes you'll see when reserving, but that's the gist: get in cheap, ditch the frills, and share in the delightful atmosphere without breaking the bank.


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