Making Meals, Giving Back Control

Life on the streets is difficult enough. Many of the homeless don't face merely the challenge of setting themselves up without the guarantee of a roof over their head. Diabetes, chronic mental health concerns, child care, and a host of other issues arise on the daily to make life harder than it'd be for any homed person.

Worse yet, the way food banks and kitchens are set up means that your life is managed by other peoples' schedules. Ensuring a hot, pallate-pleasing meal might mean waking up at the crack of dawn, or getting into shelter by an unmanageable hour. Many folks are shut out of aid, simply because they cannot make their lives align to arbitary schedules.

Curbsides is about bringing autonomy back to those who most need it. We don't strive only to make sure people eat--we don't stop at just making sure they eat well. We're out to see every person gain the sense of control over their lives that any human deserves.

By providing meals that are not only nutritious but portable, we can guarantee that our any-time stop-by location does not tie people down to a designated distribution hour. Any time, day or night, when a person needs food they can drop by and exchange their used bowels for a fresh batch of grub. Then, they can take that grub with them--ready to eat, sustainably warmed, and ready to bolster them through the day.

Everything from medication schedules to school pickups can get in the way of attending a decent meal. Why pretend that these factors don't exist in the lives of the homeless? Curbsides is real-life solutions, on the ground, helping impact the lives of Angelinos for the better.

Tedward the Grand

"Having Curbsides means I get to choose what my day looks like. I don't have to go out and watch a clock; I don't have to report in; I get to get control back."

Loopa Floopa

"Managing my diabetes is hard enough. Trying to figure out food, meds, trying to make it to the kitchen at the right time? You don't know how rough it is unless you've got to do it.