A Supple Visual Feast

Or, you know, pictures of what we serve. Hey--we're all about bringing some weird haute-couture menu terms in though.

Look down there. See how you're looking at meals you would actually eat? Exactly. Our dishes aren't just balanced, and they aren't just portable. They're delectably-plated, diet-complete, and darn-affordable. Not only are we ensuring proper, self-directed nutrition--we're making sure donated dollars sail a long way.

Every few months, our menu rotates. Seasonal ingredients mix into old classics, and the need of weather-appropriate foods changes. That means that if you see something you like on here, you better hurry in to volunteer soon--before it's gone.

What? Seriously? You didn't think volunteers get to sample the food? Fasheesh.

Toasted PB and J

Sometimes the sweetest comfort is the meal mom packed you every day.

Fried Rice and Eggs

There's nothing lavish about a burst of flavor--at least not nothing everyone deserves.

Queso Tacos

Let's admit it: Americans are all in for the cheese on tacos. Why not cut out the middle man and make it the main course?

Bomb-ass Potatoes

No one can tell you to eat your veggies. But they can make sure you don't realize you're eating them.

Bread and Beans

You'd think you'd have to have your pinky out for this British staple--but, really, you can get by with just a thumb.

Kitchen-sink Couscous

When you need to clear out all the extras from your kitchen, nothing takes on the challenge quite like this quixotic grain.